Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spend the $12.99

Have you listened to any of the songs from Lea Michele's debut album, Louder?
I am a fan of Glee but I'm an even bigger fan of Lea Michele. Her voice is phenomenal and powerful.

I let myself listen to one of those minute-long previews of the single "Cannonball" on iTunes but I found myself bored after a couple of measures. I think I previewed it again a few weeks later and still wasn't impressed. It had a catchy chorus but I just...expected more. This was my idol and I was a little disappointed that I couldn't even get hooked on her first single.

Then, upon a spontaneous trip to Target, I coughed up $12.99 and went out to the car and popped the CD in. I listened to it on the drive home and I didn't like it. I freakin' loved it. In particular at this moment in my life, I'm obsessed with track number one: "Cannonball". I'm laughing at myself because the very song that I was so disappointed in a couple months ago is now the song I'm clinging to as I take the first step in my weight-loss journey.

I've decided to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. After reading about it on my Facebook wall for the last year, I start tomorrow. I'm scared as hell because I'm not sure if I'll be able to commit to the next 24 days that lay ahead of me. Doing this AdvoCare thing is a lot like buying that album. I don't know if this will work because I've never done anything like it. I am hesitant but I'm doing it anyway.

I'm listening to this song and I can't get over how closely the lyrics seem to describe what my mind is going through right now:

I was scared to death I was losing my mind
I couldn’t close my eyes I was pacing all night, oh, no,
I think I found the light at the end of the tunnel (and my doubts)
I couldn’t find the truth I was going under

But I won’t hide inside
I gotta get out, gotta get out, gotta get out, gotta get out
Lonely inside and light the fuse
Light it now, light it now, light it now

And now I will start living today, today, today
I close the door
I got this new beginning and I will fly
I’ll fly like a cannonball, like a cannonball, like a cannonball
I’ll fly, I’ll fly, I’ll fly like a cannonball

I did not like this song and now I can't get it (or the entire album) out of my head. I don't like to diet or exercise but maybe that is something I can learn to like. 

So for me and anyone out there who is trying to lose weight or just trying to make a change in your life, close the door behind you and start living the life you want. Whatever it is, whatever you want. Now is the time to do it and screw anybody who thinks you can't have everything you want. 

 Seriously though, just spend the $12.99. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Two Most Hated Words

There's a picture of me, in case you feel the need to put a face to the name.
It's Leslie by the way.

I'm 23. I live in the middle of nowhere.
The nearest Wal-Mart is 79.9 miles from my house and 1 hour, 22 minutes. 
The nearest Starbucks? 99.1 miles and 1 hour, 42 minutes.
When I say I live in the middle of nowhere, I'm not exaggerating.
I've always wanted to blog religiously but I fought myself on it; as if I need another reason to sit on my ass, stare at a computer screen, accomplish nothing, and procrastinate life. 
(Thank you Facebook/Pinterest/every clothing website ever/YouTube/Bing homepage news stories)

The truth is that I like to write and I'm embarking on a journey and it might be the two most hated words:  

Losing Weight

But wait. 

This blog isn't just going to be about that because my life does NOT revolve around losing weight. 

There are plenty of other things going on and I'd love to write about them if you're willing to read. 

Now, I'd like to say a giant HELLO! 
Take a seat.
Do nothing.
Stop feeling guilty.
Read and enjoy.